Time to Reflect

Time To Reflect On Life

Hello every one 🙂 well after what seems like the worst Friday the 13th ever. Many countries all over the world being hit with violence over the last few days/weeks makes you sit & reflect on a lot of things in life & the world 😦  Any ways my prayers to every one involved or effected not just Paris.

Some new items from [[Vato Loko]] , Image Essentials Studios @ The Thrift Shop & of course the lovely Eiffel Tower tribute for Paris from #187# ❤

Shirt + T-Shirt = [Vato Loko] Open shirt (M) – Checker Red ~ Thank You Tula Dexing @ [[Vato Loko]] ~ Market Place

Jeans = Legal Insanity – butch dirty jeans ~ Thank You Datrip Blackbart @ LEGAL INSANITY

Hair = [bade] Micha Group Gift June 2015 Old group gift FREE to join  @ [bade] Mesh Hair

Eiffel Tower = #187# ~ Paris 13 Novembre 2015 FREE ~ Thank you Kalya Damour @ #187#

Shoes = ..::Energie::.. Street Boss Sneakers White , comes with a hud so have split colours on the shoes ~ Thank you Allegra Quartz & Thlemaxos Rewell @ ..:: ENERGIE FOOTWEAR ::..

Pose = IE – Birds Eye (b) I am using pose 3m. Yes theses poses are meant for the ladies,  but as you can see they could be used for the men also ~ Thank You Kay Weston @ The Thrift Shop

Location = Image Essentials Studios free to use but you do how ever need to join the group 🙂

Peace & Love to you all , stay safe.

Please feel free to follow me on here or on my Flickr 🙂

Hugs Gerty ❤


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