Levi Is Just A Bad Boy

Just A Bad Boy
Hello & welcome to my blog 🙂 Today I am doing a post for the men out there as I do like to look after the male followers I have. So :: HEYDRA :: is taking part in The Thrift Shop which opened on the 9th May. In my blog I have featured a few Gifts and cheap items for you men from Market Place so I hope you enjoy 🙂

Shorts = HEYDRA Levi Shorts , theses come with a Hud to change the stripe & wording on back. ~ Thank You Heydra Starfall @ The Thrift Shop

Hair = *Dura* Group Gift February/2014 @ *Dura*

Dog Tags = THE DOG TAGS Mens , comes with many colours & also female versions 49LMarket place

Boxing gloves = HAIL Boxing gloves 10LMarket Place

Face cuts/brusies = Apple May Designs – Bad Day @ Apple May

Body cuts = *LG* Wounded Add-On @ Market Place

Arm Tattoo = ::LM – BODYSHOP:: Arm Tattoo 10LMarket Place

Beard = full beard “gray” 1LMarket Place

Shoes = FLite.-Outsiders – Snake , Old Gacha item but here is FLite LM @ FLite.

Boxing ring = cybersculpts Boxing ring with buolt in poses ~ Thank you Kay Weston for the gift ❤ @ Market Place

Happy shopping men 🙂

Feel free to also follow me on Flickr with bigger and better quality pictures

Hugs Gerty ❤


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