Sneaking A Peek Boho Style

Sneakin into boho

Helloo every one , hope you have all had a good weekend…Today I am blogging items from The Boho Culture Fair 2014…. So lets take that sneak peek into the up and coming event. They will have Exclusive- Free Gifts- Sales- Gachas all starting on the 10th October running til the 25th October. You will not gain access before this date.
Outfit = Ch’s Woodstock…This great outfit comes with the dress , both sets of bangles & back pack. It’s Super cute and I think the back pack is a great add to the outfit on a whole 🙂 ~ Thank You Maribel Yootz @ The Boho Fair

Head Jewel = “B.I.P” Chyna Doll Head Jewels (Amethyst) ~ Thank You DyminBeauty Resident @ The Boho Fair

Pose = Juxtapose – Dreams Into Plans 1, Part of a set of 5 and comes with the flowers to hold ~ Thank You Rain Laval @ The Boho Fair

Sneaking into boho back

Hair = little bones. Hurt – GIFT , comes with a HUD to chnage the colour of the hat and band & also a HUD for hair colour(all pastel colours) ~ 100L to join group @ Little Bones.

Necklace = ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Anabella set, the stone is colour change @ ..:: Bens Beauty ::..

Nails = [MANDALA]NAIL PALETTE 1 Medium] They come with a HUD to chnage the shape , length and many colours @ [MANDALA]

Hope you all enjoyed the little sneak peek I gave you and if you want to see more keep an eye out I will bring a few more items over next few days, just remember the Fair is NOT open till the 10th October.

Hugs Gerty ♥




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