Men Around The Block

gay 2a

Hellooooo it’s finally the weekend and I hope you all have a good one :-)….Today I am going to be showing you a few new poses from Image Essentials theses are only @ The 100 Block Fashion Fair & Photo Contest. I would like to say a BIG thank you to a friend of mine who posed with me, so Jking Tyran Thank you.

So the Picture above ^^ is the IE – Eternal Whispers ~ Thank you Kay Weston @ The 100 Block Fashion Fair

Gay 3a

This next pose ^^ is IE – My Truth ~ Thank you Kay Weston @ The 100 Block Fashion Fair

gay 1a

This last pose ^^ is IE – Don’t Go ~ Thank you  Kay Weston @ The 100 Block Fashion Fair

There are many more poses @ The 100 Block Fashion Fair with single poses also. Theses poses are for men but they also work well with women and couples, so all in all great poses to have 🙂

The 100 block Fashion Fair also has a photo contest going on…oh yes so grab the poses , take a pic and enter see below for a few of the details if you want full details please feel free to send me a message gertyflirty goldlust and I will send you the note card.

The 100 Block Photo Contest

April 12 – 26, 2014 (Winners will be announced on May 28th at 7 PM SLT)


Depraved Nation is hosting our annual Photo Contest that will run simultaneously with The 100 Block Fashion Fair! Participating stores have donated TONS of prizes to be distributed to the winners once they are selected. This contest will award a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize package.

Here’s how it works:

۞ Entrants will be required to purchase a board (available 4/9/2014) which they will use to display their photo and will give a styling NC upon touch. Boards will be set for sale for 349L$.

۞ In lieu of voting, we are charging a one time entry fee to cover the expense of this contest. We feel this is the best way to ensure the contest winners are based on photo quality and style versus who can TP in the most friends. This is NOT a popularity contest or a contest that will collect L$ for votes.

۞ Once the board is purchased please drop your styling NC into the display board & place your texture on the display board. IN ADDITION to this, your styling NC & Photo should be submitted to Heather Smithson (to be used on flickr & issued to participating designers when collecting votes). Please make sure photos are FULL PERM.

۞ Participating designers will be asked to vote on the photo’s to determine our 3 winners. Voting will be made by designers participating in The 100 Block Event ONLY. There will be no charge for voting

So good luck if you enter and I hope you enjoyed my blog today…some thing for every one today.

Hugs Gerty ♥


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