Energy Anniversary Gifts

Energy Anniversary Gifts

Hello and TGIF the weekend is here and what a weekend it’s going to be ….why you ask well As Energy Club reaches its 4th Anniversary we will be having themed events, Lots of great Dj’s that will bring you great music live along with free gifts offered from great designers oh and of course plenty of fun / When is all this happening you ask ??  Starting Today 14th at 12pm slt and continues 15th & 16th March, so book in it you diary’s and we will see you there 🙂

Hat = Legal Insanity for Energy 4th year anniversary – party hat black ~ Thank You Datrip blackbart @ Energy Club

Pants = Legal Insanity for Energy Club 4th Anniversary – leggings leo ~ Thank You Datrip blackbart @ Energy Club

Pasties = Legal Insanity for Energy Club 4th Anniversary -pasties ~ Thank You Datrip blackbart @ Energy Club

Hair = >TRUTH< Swift – black & whites @ Truth Hair

Make up = R.icielli – NIGHT MAKEUP / GoldenEyes + Lipstick03 @ R.icielli

Bangles = erratic / cuffs / gold @ erratic

Ear rings = MG – Earrings – Kizzy Gypsy Hoops – GOLD @ Maxi Gossamer


Lots of FREE Gifts for you, you will land at the club and see a board with a Tp taking you to the gifts.

Was just a quick post today, wish you all a great weekend and hope to see you at the partyyy

Hugs Gerty ♥


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