Best Foot Forward With Izara

Heydra Izara Boots

Happy Lazy Sunday all. Just a quick post today to let you know more about some special going on @ :: HEYDRA ::

Boots = HEYDRA Izara Boots. Theses boots come in lots of colour’s just showing you a few here today and also read below for awesome information on the Pink & Red Boot’s.

The Red boots are this months group gift and will NOT be sold at all, so make sure you hurry on over and grab your’s today.

Also the BuggleGum Pink ones on the add board are limited Edition ONLY 25 PAIR’S to be sold so runnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Thank You Heydra Starfall …….If I bug her enough you think she will let me have the pink one’s??? lmao 😛

Your Taxi Await’s = :: HEYDRA ::

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend and not dreading Monday to much.

Big Hugs Gerty ♥


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