I Can Be Your Super Heroooo

I Can Be Your Super Hero

Yesssss I am back and it’s good to be back, Thank you to all my sponsors and followers for staying with me. Hope every one had a good new year and 2014 treating you all good so far.

So Pure Sales Room(PSR) has a new round so I am going to be showing you a few items and also Heydra has sexy new boots.

Out Fit = ::VIVID:: World’s Finest Outfit, Top & Pants Comes with a HUD and you can have Superwoman , Batman or Superman ~ Thank you Honey Bernandes   @  (PSR)

Lipstick = VIVID [PBS] Lipstick – Red Pack , I have the (Light Gloss Red) – Rich ~ Thank You Honey Bernandes @  (PSR)

Shape = :[GzB]: Body Shop – Livia Shape. I am wearing the (Normal) (No Teeth) but also comes in shapes for the Phat Azz&Lola’s , mesh/prim teeth ~ Thank You Maite Sarrasine @  (PSR)

Boots = HEYDRA Bianca V2 Black ~ Thank You Heydra Starfall @ :: HEYDRA ::

Hair = “LoQ Hair” MangoJuice Black @ “LoQ Hair”

Gloves = *Epic* Brawler Gloves {Black} @ *Epic*

Elbow Pads = – Chary – Black Elbow Pads @ Chary

Cut Knees = -UtopiaH- Painful Knees Set @ -UtopiaH

Collar = [HON] Choker/collar Black @ [HON]

Nails = [MANDALA]NAIL PALETTE 1 Medium] Comes with a HUD to change the colour and shape. @ [MANDALA]

I Can Be your Super Hero 1

So that’s my first post in 2014 hope you have all enjoyed it as much as I have.

See you all back here again soon Big Hugs Gerty ♥




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