Snow Is Falling All Around Us

Snow Is Falling All Around Us

Its Thursday which means nearly the weekend and that also means another day closer to Christmas 🙂

So lots of shops either have free gifts or Christmas outfits cheap so today I will show you a few I’ve found and got.

Boots = ..::Energie::.. City Angel Xmas Gift yay a free gift just wear the Energie group tag and claim your sexy red boots ~ Thank you Thlemaxos Rewell & Allegra Quartz ~ Energy Club ..:: ENERGIE FOOTWEAR ::..

Outfit= [LeeZu!] Miss Santa Outfit <mesh> only 50L ~ [LeeZu!]

Poses = [Kikay] Street 5 [Kikay] Street 4 ~Thank you Mharieckit Carolina~ Poses By [Kikay]

Lipstick = *MC* Makeup – Red Glossy Lips ~ *MC* Mon Cheri

Nails = [MANDALA] NAIL PALETTE 1 Medium]

Snowflakes Tattoo = Made by Skyla Tunwarm

Hair = ::. Avon’s “Flower & Lights” Hair -02 .:: checked LM and shop gone 😦

Gingerbread Man = *SiSSi*Gingerbread man (old Group Gift)

Snow Is Falling

So there you have it a few free and cheap items, happy shopping and see you all again tomorrow….

Hugs Gerty ♥




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