Call Me Maybe

Dark Calling Queen

Its the weekenddddd & only one day left @ (CSR) .:Cosmopolitan Sale Room:. so make sure you go grab the items you want this round 🙂

Dress = Look*Me Victoria Dress. Comes with a HUD to change the colour of the dress,you get 4 different colours  ~ Thank You Bootsi Funizza ~ (CSR)

Jacket = Look*Me  Jacket Liss . Comes with a HUD to have silver or gold studs & 6 different colours for jacket ~ Thank You Bootsi Funizza ~ (CSR)

Boots = KIWI DYLIS MESH ANKLE BOOTS (BLACK) ~ Thank You Aria Duffield  ~ (CSR)

Phone = ..::BlackHalls::.. Samsung Galaxy 3 Minnie & Mickey ~ Thank You Priscila Ledger  ~ (CSR)

Hair = Analog Dog Hair – The Arcade – “queen of the storm” ~ Tha Arcade Gache Event

Necklace = MG – Necklace – Marrakech Heart

Lipstick = [PF] INK Lipsticks/Lipgloss. Teeth option included.


Don’t forget the A Season Of Giving Holiday Fair (ASOGHF) lots of great items there.

Hope you all have a great weekend BIGGG hugs Gerty ♥


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