MoiMoi Gerty Doll

Moi Gerty doll

Yes i’m back again but this time as a Barbie doll 🙂 My great friend Moi Deluxe made this for me at her store MoiMoi Store

Outfit = MoiMoi Linda Jacket T-Shirt & Legging V1 – comes with 2 HUDS for the top under the jacket with many different patterns ~ Thank you Moi Deluxe

My Doll Box = made by Moi Deluxe / ~ Thank you My Moi ♥

Lipstick = [PF] Glossy Pout Lipsticks <Pinks>


Hair = Alice Project – Serena – Infinity

Shoes = N-core DELICIOUS- Pink (Mesh)

Yes I know this my 2nd post today but this box was too cute not to blog asap 🙂

Big hugs Gerty ♥


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