Sex , Drugs & Electro

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Good morning /afternoon or evening 🙂

Today I am wearing more items from [SAS MESH] Sasscandilous Mesh Fashions & MoiMoi Store

The tank top I am wearing is from [SAS MESH ] Street Tank ELECTRO and seeing as I am a Dj in SL Electro is my main style I spin so that’s why I love this top 🙂 there is a techno one also and a few others so some thing for every one – Thank you Sasskiana

The bottoms I have blogged before but the colour’s fit so well with the top…they are MoiMoi Lily Capri V1 Fatpack. The belt and bottoms both come with there own colour change HUD with 10 colour’s on each 🙂 – Thank You Moi Deluxe

Hair = >TRUTH< Shannon –  black & whites (was in the sale way back- not mesh)

Shoes = 2REAL FOOTWEAR – DECAZ SHOES, Mesh Sneakers, with 16 textured colors & 17 patterns, 4 different shoe styles able to choose by HUD.

Off to do that thing called RL now so all have a great day ♥


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